Agilent 6890N Gas Chromatograph

Agilent 6890N Gas Chromatograph

  • Display of all GC set points at the GC
  • Retention time repeatability <0.008% or <0.0008 min
  • Area repeatability <1%RSD
  • Supports 6 oven ramps with 7 plateaus
  • Each EPC unit is optimized for its intended use with a specific inlet
  • Dual channel design = 2 inlets and 2 detectors

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Agilent 6890N Series Network Gas Chromtatograph configured to end-user specification with choice of detector(s), injector, and data system. 

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Agilent 6890N System Capabilities:

  • Dual channel design supports two inlets and two detectors.
  • Full range digital data output enables the smallest and largest peaks to be quantitated in a single run.
  • Full EPC is available for all inlets and detectors. Control range and resolution are optimized for the specific inlet or detector module.
  • EPC with capillary columns provides four column flow control modes: constant pressure, ramped pressure (3 ramps), constant flow, or ramped flow (3 ramps). Column average linear velocity is calculated
  • Atmospheric pressure and temperature compensation is standard, so results do not change, even when the laboratory environment does.
  • Automatic Liquid Sampling is fully integrated into mainframe control.
  • Set point and automation control can be done from the local keyboard or via a networked data system. Clock-time programming can be initiated from the front panel to initiate events (on/off, method start, etc) at a future date and time 
  • A run time deviation log is created for each analysis to ensure that all method parameters were achieved and maintained.
  • Display of all GC and automatic liquid sampler (ALS) set points at the GC or data system. Agilent supports open connectivity by providing communication protocols to other vendors software such as ChromPerfect & Clarity

Configuration Options : 

  • Wide selection of inlets
  • Split/splitless (S/SL) capillary
  • Packed purged injection port (PPIP)
  • Cool on-column (COC)
  • Cool on-column with solvent vapor exit (COC-SVE)
  • Programmable temperature vaporizing (PTV)
  • Volatiles interface (VI) • Cooled injection system (CIS)
  • Temperature-programmable pre-column Endlessly Configurable with;
  • Agilent 7683 automatic liquid sampler
  • Agilent G1888 headspace sampler
  • Agilent 7694E headspace sampler
  • Purge and trap
  • Gas and liquid sampling valves
  • Ambient air sampler and pre-concentrator
  • Thermal desorber
  • Pyrolyzer 

No Sample Preparation? Headspace sampling can eliminate sample preparation by introducing volatile components automatically—from virtually any matrix—directly into the GC. A low-volume, highly inert volatiles interface is optimized for headspace-GC analysis, preventing sample loss or degradation. Agilent headspace instrument control is fully integrated into the software. High Sample Throughput The 6890N network GC system is already set up for the Agilent 7683 automatic liquid sampler, enabling fast and easy installation. Single or dual injectors, equipped with either an 8-sample turret or a 100-vial sample tray, allow unattended operation. Using the 11-vial transfer turret with the tray and the solvent saving mode, you have enough solvent to run unattended eight times longer than before. 

A variety of detectors

  • Mass selective (Agilent 5973N Series MSD)
  • Flame ionization (FID)
  • Thermal conductivity (TCD)
  • Micro-electron capture (micro-ECD)
  • Nitrogen-phosphorus (NPD)
  • Pulsed flame photometric (PFPD)
  • Photoionization (PID)
  • Electrolytic conductivity (ELCD)
  • Sulfur chemiluminescence (SCD)
  • Nitrogen chemiluminescence (NCD) 

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Dimensions: 28 × 31 × 16 cm Accommodates up to two 105 m × 0.530 mm id capillary columns or two 10-ft glass packed columns (9 in coil diameter, 1/4 in od), or two 20-ft stainless steel packed columns (1/8 in od)
Operating temperature range Ambient temperature +4 °C to 450 °C
Temperature Ramps Supports 6 oven ramps with 7 plateaus. Negative ramps are allowed
Maximum achievable temperature ramp rate 120 °C/min (120 V units are limited to 75 °C/min
Maximum run time 999.99 min (16.7 h)
Valve Support Support for up to 8 valves. - Valves 1-4, 12 V DC 13 watt in a heated valve box - Valves 5-6, 24 V DC 100 mA unheated, for low power valve appliations - Valves 7–8, externally powered as a remote event from separate contact closure
Independent heated zones not including oven: six (two inlets, two detectors, and two auxiliary)
Electronic Pneumatics Control (EPC) • Atmospheric pressure compensation sensor to compensate for altitude and ambient temperature variation is standard.
• Pressure may be adjusted by increments of 0.01 psi.
• Pressure/Flow ramps: Three maximum.
• Carrier and makeup gas settings selectable for He, H2, N2, and argon/methane.
• Flow or pressure setpoints for each inlet or detector parameter with on both Agilent 6890N and the ChemStations.
• Automated carrier has constant flow, when capillary column dimensions are entered into the 6890.
• Split/Splitless, PTV inlets have flow sensors for the control of split ratio.
• Inlet modules Pressure sensors: Accuracy: <±2% full scale, Repeatability: <±0.05 psi, Temperature coefficient : <±0.01 psi/°C, Drift: <±0.1 psi/6 months. Flow sensors: Accuracy: <±5% depending on carrier gas, Repeatability: <±0.35% of setpoint, Temperature coefficient : <±0.20 mL/min normalized temperature and pressure (NTP)* per °C for He or H2; <±0.05 mL/min NTP per °C for N2 or Ar/CH4.
• Detector modules Accuracy: <±3 mL/min NTP or 7% of setpoint, Repeatability: <±0.35% of setpoint, Temperature coefficient: <±0.20 mL/min NTP per °C
Inlets • Maximum of two inlets installed.
• Inlets available: - Packed purged injection port (PPIP) - Split/Splitless capillary inlet (S/SL) - Temperature-programmable cool on-column (PCOC) - Programmable temperature vaporizer (PTV) - Volatiles inlet (VI)
S/SL • Suitable for all capillary columns.
• Split ratios up to 7500:1 to avoid column overload.
• Splitless mode for trace analysis. Pressure-pulsed splitless is easily accessible for best performance.
• Maximum temperature: 400 °C.
• EPC available in two pressure ranges: 0–100 psig (0 to 680 kPa) for best control for columns 0.200 mm diameter; 0– 150 psig for columns <0.200 mm diameter. Pressure set point resolution is 0.01 psig. Total flow control/ sensing up to 1000 mL/min (He, H2).
• Gas saver mode to reduce gas consumption without compromising performance.
• Optimized septum purge flow to eliminate “ghost” peaks.
• Total flow setting range: 0 to 200 mL/min N2 0 to 1,000 mL/min H2 or He
FID Detector • Minimum detectable level (for tridecane): <1.8 pg C/s.
• Linear dynamic range: >107 (±10%). Digital data makes entire range available without range changes.
• Data rates up to 200 Hz accommodate peaks as narrow as 25 ms at half height.
• Standard EPC for three gases: - Air: 0 to 800 mL/min - H2: 0 to 100 mL/min - Makeup gas (N2 or He): 0 to 100 mL/min
• Available in two versions: capillary column optimized or adaptable for either packed or capillary columns.
• Flame out detection and automatic reignition.
• Grounded jet.
• 450 °C maximum operating temperature.
TCD Detector • Minimum detectable level: 400 pg propane/mL with He carrier. (This value may be affected by laboratory environment.)
• Linear dynamic range: >105 ±5%.
• Unique fluidic switching design provides rapid stabilization from turn-on, low-drift performance.
• Signal polarity can be run programmed for components having higher thermal conductivity than the carrier gas.
• Maximum temperature: 400 °C.
• Standard EPC for 2 gases (He, H2, Ar, or N2 – matched to carrier gas type).
• Makeup gas: 0 to 12 mL/min.
• Reference gas: 0 to 100 mL/min
Micro-ECD Detector • Minimum detectable level: <6 fg/mL lindane.
• Proprietary signal linearization Linear dynamic range: >5 × 104 with lindane.
• Data acquisition rate: up to 50 Hz.
• Uses ß emission of <15 mCi 63Ni as the electron source.
• Unique micro-cell design minimizes contamination and optimizes sensitivity.
• 400 °C maximum operating temperature.
• Standard EPC makeup gas types: argon/5% methane or nitrogen; 0 to 150 mL/min.
• Dynamic range: >5 × 105 with lindane
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