• 100% biocompatible (ceramic, titanium, PEEK, FEP)
  • Complete FPLC system for flow rates up to 50 ml/min
  • UV/VIS detector with a variable single wavelength
  • conductivity monitoring with optional pH measurement

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KNAUER Azura Lab Bio LC 50 is a high pressure gradient (HPG) system for the complex purification of biomolecules on a laboratory scale. All modules can be freely selected, so that for each claim the desired device configuration can be compiled. It is designed and optimized for routine analysis, method development or tasks requiring more than one separation column. The system proposal consists of two biocompatible buffer pumps for high pressure gradient formation, three freely configurable combination modules for sample injection, the column switching, for the peak parking, additional buffer and sample selection, fraction collection on a large scale, a UV/VIS detector, a high-precision online monitor for the measurement of conductivity and optionally the pH, and a fraction collector with or without cooling. The system may be controlled via user friendly FPLC software (PurityChrom). This software offers advanced algorithms for reliable and reproducible purification of the products.

Additional Features:

  • automatic sample injection by syringe or sample pump for sample loading of up to 500 ml sample volume
  • automated column switching
  • automated peak parking
  • optinally unique benchtop cooling
  • compatible to all biochromatography columns using 1/16", 1/8" or M6 fittings
  • software controlled with PurityChrom

Your AZURA Lab Bio LC 50 System consists of:

  • AZURA P 6.1L Binary HPLC pump, metal-free, 50 ml pump head
  • AZURA Detector MWD 190 - 700 nm, multiwavelength detector
  • AZURA Injection Assistant ASM 2.1L, Sample injection 50 ml pump, injection valve, & 6-port MP valve
  • AZURA Column Assistant ASM AYEIEIEL, column switching assistant with 3 -6 port multiposition valves
  • AZURA Peak Assistant ASM AYECECEL, peak parking assistant, 2 -6 port injection valves, 1 - 6 port MP valve
  • AZURA CM 2.1S, high precision online monitor for conductivity, and optional pH
  • AZURA Eluent tray E 2.1L for up to 6 x 1000 ml bottles
  • Fraction collector FOXY R1 max. 25 ml/min, std. 13mm tubes (18mm option)
  • PC Tower with PurityChrom Bio 5 Basic License: 8 devices, 3 data channels

Why buy from GMI

GMI and Knauer Partnership

For 20 years GMI has provided the scientific marketplace and value conscious laboratories Innovative NEW Laboratory Instrumentation from internationally known manufacturers -all with decades of proven history designing & building innovative cutting edge laboratory instrumentation.

We are proud to introduce KNAUER's NEW AZURA line of FPLCs and biopurification systems. This NEW AZURA line of chromatography instrument systems represents a compelling alternative to genuinely expensive and dated models that are proving expensive to procure, to operate, and costly to support. AZURA modularity and flexible design means you are in control of building and configuring the system you require around a budget you'll love !

  • Choice of detectors and wavelengths (including photo diode array)
  • Choice of pumps from 10ml/min to over 1000ml/min
  • PurityChrom; Smart Software that thinks like you do for simplified method development
  • All backed by over 50 years of experienced proven German design and engineering.

    The KNAUER Mission says it all:

    • Our passion: liquid chromatography.
    • Our driving force: pure curiosity
    • Sophisticated and eco-friendly solutions supporting customers worldwide.
    • Craftsmanship and innovation. Experience and enthusiasm.
    • KNAUER: a modern German family business - 50 years of knowing how.
    Pump type for AZURA P 6.1L binary HPLC pump - 50mL/minute
    Pulsation compensation active pressure and pulsation compensation
    Pump head materials ceramic
    Maximum delivery pressure 20 MPa (200 bar, 2900 psi)
    Flow rate accuracy 1%, measured at 5 - 80% of flow range using ethanol
    Flow rate range 0.01 - 50 ml/min
    Gradient formation high pressure binary mixing 0-100%
    Detector type for AZURA MWD 2.1L Multiwavelength detector
    Wavelength range 190 - 700 nm 8 (digital) 4 (analog)
    Wavelength verification Internal holmium filter and deuterium lines
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