Beckman Coulter Z2 Cell and Particle Counter

Beckman Coulter Z2 Cell and Particle Counter


  • Mercury Free
  • Sample result averaging
  • Size distribution graph and tabular data
  • PC data acquisition via Windows based software
  • One-button calibration
  • Built-in user test functions

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The Beckman Coulter Z2 is the latest cell and particle counter of the Z Series. Following the Z1, this model also makes use of the Coulter Principle known as the Electrical Sensing Zone Method for counting and sizing cells. Accuracy, speed, versatility and reproducibility is expected in the application of this technique.

In addition to reporting both count and concentration results, the Beckman Z2 can provide size distribution of the cell population as well. This particle counter also has the ability to display various data between user selectable areas of the graph including the entire size distribution graph as well as the size statistics and counts. Moreover, the cursor positioned on the graph aids in determining the cumulative count and the cumulative number percent above and below a size.

The Beckman Coulter Z2 Cell and Particle Counter can average counts and channelized data from a series of up to 10 consecutive analyses. Greater statistical confidence in the result as well as a smoother shape of the averaged size distribution can be obtained as the number of cells counted and sized is increased.

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Beckman Coulter Z2 Cell and Particle Counter Specifications

Overall Analysis Range1 um to 120 um diameter
Dynamic Range of ApertureDual Threshold
Up to 6.3:1 by diameter
Up to 256:1 by volume
Metered Volumes100 / 500 / 1000 ul
ResolutionUser selectable
LinearityLinear response +/- 1% of pulse height over selected range
Typical Count Precision> 1% CV
Power ConsumptionLess than 55W
Orifice Tube SizesAperture (50/70/100/140/200 um)
Range (2-60% of aperture size)
Ampoule Insertable Tubes50 / 70 / 100
Number of Channels64, 128, and 256 size distribution
Printer InterfaceCentronics parallel, IBM compatible 25-pin connector
Power requirements100-120V AC +/- 10% 10/60 Hz
Dimensions46 cm (H) x 27 cm (W) x 36 cm (D)
Weight13.6 kg
Operating SystemWindows 95 / 98 / 2000 / NT

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