Beckman Airfuge Ultracentrifuge

Beckman Airfuge Ultracentrifuge


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  • Air driven ultracentrifuge
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration
  • Timed runs up to 5 hours with HOLD for long runs
  • Operates near ambient temperature
  • Variety of rotors for variety of applications

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The Beckman Coulter Airfuge is an air-driven, super-compact ultracentrifuge designed for a variety of applications. With its excellent capability to provide a simple and fast method for removing chylomicrons, the Airfuge system brings reliable results for lipemic clarifications and eliminates the need for sendouts. This Beckman ultracentrifuge can also be employed for applications in electron microscopy, lipoprotein assays, receptor-binding studies, and food processing quality assurance.

Even as a compact unit, the Airfuge air-driven centrifuge delivers results in a fraction of the time that larger units would. The high g-force and short path length combination produces remarkably short run times. For advanced speed readouts, an optional digital speed readout accessory is available.

The Beckman Airfuge ultracentrifuge is designed to streamline centrifugal applications. Operating near ambient temperature, the unit reaches top speed in only 30 seconds and decelerates smoothly to keep sample contents separated. Additionally, the centrifuge offers timed runs up to five hours with hold position for longer runs.

The Beckman Coulter Airfuge air-driven ultracentrifuge also offers enhanced versatility with a variety of rotors. It can work with batch rotor pellets particles for large samples, electron microscopy rotor sediments for very small volumes, and four fixed angle rotors that generate high speeds and forces necessary to perform a variety of tasks.

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Beckman Airfuge Ultracentrifuge Specifications

Max Speed110,000 rpm ± 5,000 rpm
Max G Forge199,000 x g
Drive SystemAir turbine drive
Air Pressure at Ultracentrifuge
for Routine Operation
30 psig (210 kPa)
Acceleration Time30-60 seconds
Deceleration Time2.5-5.5 minutes
Speed ControlAir-pressure regulation
Speed ReadoutBy conversion of air pressure reading from instrument gauge.
An optional Digital Speed Readout Accessory (347592) is available.
Braking SystemCoasting, then frictional braking by engagement of brake pin.
Temperature RangeRotor temperature is a few degrees above ambient. Developing
Timer0-300 minutes in five-minute increments,
HOLD for longer runs
(W x H x L ; Weight)
11 in. x 8 in. x 15 in. (280 mm x 200 mm x 380 mm);
23 lb. (10.4 kg)
Air and Power RequirementsTo perform to specifications, an air flow rate of 3.5 cubic feet
per minute (0.0016 m3/s) at 42 psig (290 kPa) is required.
The unit is equipped with six feet (1.83 m) of flexible air hose
and attaches to a standard 1/4 in. (6.35 mm) male hose connector.
A filter is supplied to avoid contamination by removing oil and water
from compressed air. Power requirements are 120 volt, 60 Hz, or 220 volt, 50 Hz.

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