Techne TC-3000X PCR Thermal Cycler

Techne TC-3000X PCR Thermal Cycler


  • TC-3000X offers Higher Microtube Capacity than the TC-3000
  • Fast USB connectivity
  • Unparalleled block uniformity: typically±0.2°C at 50°C ensuring optimalreproducibility.
  • Fast heating rate: up to 3.3°C/sec for quickthermal cycling.
  • Small footprint: at only 611 cm2 the TC-3000 is even economical on space.
  • Fast and intuitive programming with largememory; features quick dial and passwordprotection.
  • Heated lid with selectable temperaturerange from 100°C to 115°C is sprung to fitboth 0.2ml domed and 0.5ml flat top tubesand can be enabled or disabled.

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The Techne TC-3000X Thermal Cycler proven performance for DNA amplification

The TC-3000X thermal cycler is unrivalled as a reliable low cost personal cycler for higher tube capacity applications. Designed with research and teaching laboratories in mind. The TC-3000X offers the ultimate in low cost solutions where ease of use is high on the priority list.

Techne TC Thermal Cyclers enjoy a well-earned reputation for accuracy and reliability and are in everyday use in laboratories around the world. Compact robust and versatile the range includes models to suit every application and budget.

The new TC-3000X Thermal Cycler is one of the smallest lowest cost units on the market. It is available as a stand alone unit in 48 x 0.2 mL tubes or 30 x 0.5 mL tube interchangeable block (for smaller capacities consider the Techne TC-3000).

If you require better gradient performance consider the TC-3000G.

Despite the TC-3000X's higher capacity it shares the same small footprint of the TC-3000.

All Techne Thermal Cyclers offer

  • Unparalleled block uniformity: typically ±0.2°C at 50°C ensuring optimal reproducibility.

  • Fast heating rate: up to 3.3°C/sec for quick thermal cycling.

  • Small footprint: at only 611 cm2 the TC-3000X is even economical on space (same size footprint as the TC-3000!

  • Fast and intuitive programming with large memory; features quick dial and password protection.

  • Heated lid with selectable temperature range from 100°C to 115°C is sprung to fit both 0.2ml domed and 0.5ml flat top tubes and can be enabled or disabled.

Techne TC 3000X Thermal Cycler: Small footprint

The TC-3000X is one of the smallest units on the market. With a benchtop footprint of only 33cm x 17cm this compact unit is very light and has a variable voltage selector so you can take it with you anywhere in the world.

Techne TC 3000X Thermal Cycler: Fast-track programming with new quick dial facility

With modern intuitive programming and ready-to-go templates creating even the most complicated protocols is simple. A new 'quick' dial feature allows users to find their programme quickly.

Techne TC 3000X Thermal Cycler: Reliable high performance

Experience in thermal cycler manufacturing since 1987 ensures that the TC-3000X provides both guaranteed performance and quality results every time.

Techne TC 3000X Thermal Cycler: Fast heat / cool rates

Utilising the latest Peltier technology the TC-3000X heats and cools at rates up to 3.6°C / second without compromising on accuracy.


Specifications for the The Techne TC 3000X Thermal Cycler

Technical Specification for TC 3000X Thermal Cycler
Sample capacity (0.5ml)30
Sample capacity (0.2ml)48
User interchangeable blocks (tool required)Yes
Heating rate3.3°C/sec
Block uniformity at 50°C±0.2°C
Temperature range4°C to 99°C
Temperature set point precision0.1°C
Temperature set point precision100°C - 115°C
Heated lid enable/disableYes
Over-temperature cut-outYes
Number of programs80
Password protectionYes
Programming / display4-line alphanumeric
Peltier elements / blocks6
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)330 x 185 x 190
Connection to PC (USB)Yes (via Gensoft)
Power230V / 120V

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