Jenco CP Series Compound Binocular Microscope

Jenco CP Series Compound Binocular Microscope

  • Binocular Models, Monocular and Trinocular also available!
  • 4x, 10x, 40x retractable, & 100x retractable DIN objectives.
  • 30 degree inclined binocular head.
  • 10x widefield eyepieces 18mm.
  • Quadruple rotating reverse style nosepiece.
  • Built-in graduated mechanical stage, 5 1/4" x 6".
  • 1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm.
  • Coaxial coarse and fine rack and pinion focus controls.
  • Built in 20 watt halogen illumination with variable intensity control.
  • Full size: 16" high with a 9 1/2" x 7 3/4" base.
  • Five year warranty


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Jenco offers a variety of Upright Compound Binocular Microscopes in its CP-300 series designed specifically with educators and routine investigators in mind. The Jenco Compound Binocular CP-300 series of microscopes are designed to make your microscopy tasks easier than ever before while offering the benefit of cost efficiency. The Jenco CP-300 Compound Binocular series microscopes provide value and versatility with many models from which to choose, they remain amongst the most student proof microscopes in the industry. This is achieved through Jenco's focus stop, condenser lock and durable metal frames. Anti-fungal agents increase the longevity and life of the Jenco CP-300 compound Binocular series microscopes.

The microscope can be easily customized by changing objectives, heads or illumination systems

A Jenco CP-300 compound binocular series microscope will you years of trouble free use thanks to glass condensers designed not to scratch over time and a metal focusing mechanism and metal frames backed by a 5 year manufacturer warranty. You may choose from a variety of low cost Binocular heads and semi-plan-achromatic objects which make this series of microscope extremely versatile. With the Jenco CP-300 series Binocular compound microscopes you do not have to invest time in setup and maintenance or sacrifice quality because these microscopes are built to last with cost in mind.

Key Features of The Jenco CP Series Microscope

The optical body of the Jenco CP binocular compound series microscope comprises of a Seidentopf design with an incline of 30°. These models also offer 55-75mm interpupillary adjustment with full 360° rotation. The reversed 4 position ball bearing and nose piece features positive click and stop function with smooth operation. Eye pieces provide 10x wide field documentation with a field number of 20mm with a focal length of 25mm.

Integrated mechanical stage with vernier and coaxial stage controls and knobs provide ergonomically, convenient low positioned right hand operation. CP-300 series microscopes feature a focus mechanisms with adjustable tension controls that prohibit drift and an adjustable up-stop protects the slide, the specimen and the objective lens during use. Convenient dial markers are positioned at 0.002 mm increments. A 1.25 N.A 2 element Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and rack and pinion focusing is also available on Jenco CP-300 series microscopes.

The CP-300 series microscopes also feature Kohler Illumination with a field diaphragm of 20 watts through its 6 volt halogen bulb with electronic dimmer (110/220V switchable). Units typicall measure 8x15x9.5 (WHD inch) and weigh 7.7 kg. All microscopes include dust cover immersion oil, two color filters and a spare halogen lamp and fuse.


Jenco CP-302 Compound Binocular Microscope Specifications

Objective Magnification/ ModelNumeric Aperture (mm)Fixed field of view w/ 10x E.P (mm)Working Distance Brightfield Achromatic (mm)
40x 0.650.50.57
100x R Oil1.250.20.19

Jenco CP-302s Compound Binocular Microscope Specifications

Objective Magnification/ ModelNumeric Aperture (mm)Fixed field of view w/ 10x E.P (mm)Working Distance Brightfield Semi- Plan Achromatic (mm)
40x 0.650.50.6
100x R Oil1.250.20.25

Jenco CP-312 Compound Binocular Microscope Specifications

Objective Magnification/ ModelNumeric Aperture (mm)Fixed field of view w/ 10x E.P (mm)Working Distance Brightfield Plan Achromatic (mm)
40x 0.650.50.4
100x R Oil1.250.20.25

Jenco PHP-312 Compound Binocular Microscope Specifications

Objective Magnification/ ModelNumeric Aperture (mm)Fixed field of view w/ 10x E.P (mm)Working Distance Phase Contrast Plan Achromatic (mm)
40x 0.650.50.4
100x R Oil1.250.20.25

Jenco PHP-302 Compound Binocular Microscope Specifications

Objective Magnification/ ModelNumeric Aperture (mm)Fixed field of view w/ 10x E.P (mm)Working Distance Phase Contrast Achromatic (mm)
40x 0.650.50.57
100x R Oil1.250.20.19

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