GE Amersham Molecular Dynamics Typhoon 9410 Molecular Imager

GE Amersham Molecular Dynamics Typhoon 9410 Molecular Imager

  • Versatile system handles gel sandwiches agarose and polyacrylamide gels membranes microplates and even microarrays.
  • Powerful excitation sources and innovative high-quality confocal optics allow for the sensitive detection of low-abundance targets.
  • Red- green- and blue-excitation wavelengths and a wide choice of emission filters enable imaging of an extensive variety of fluorophores.
  • Automated four-color fluorescence scanning allows multiplexing of multiple targets in the same sample ensuring accuracy of analysis increasing throughput and saving time.
  • Storage phosphor technology delivers high-resolution imaging and accurate quantitation of 3H 14C 125I 32P 33P 35S and other sources of ionizing radiation.
  • Highly sensitive optics enable direct chemiluminescent imaging without intermediate exposure to films or screens.

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MOLECULAR DYNAMICS (GE Healthcare) Typhoon 9410 high performance gel and blot imager that can also perform image micro-arrays.

Molecular Dynamics (GE) Typhoon™ 9410 Variable Mode Imager unites proven storage phosphor auto-radiography technology with four-color non-radioactive fluorescent labeling techniques. For DNA RNA and protein samples with the Molecular Dynamics Typhoon 9410you may choose from:
  • storage phosphor auto-radiography
  • direct blue-excited fluorescence (457 488 nm)
  • direct green-excited fluorescence (532 nm)
  • direct red-excited fluorescence (633 nm)
  • chemiluminescence
When one of the scanning modes is selected the Typhoon 9410 activates the appropriate optical components are automatically. Typhoon 9410 scans gels blots and mounted or unmounted storage phosphor screens up to 35 × 43 cm. The Typhoon 9410exhibits outstanding linearity quantitative accuracy and extremely low limits of detection.

Choose from four different Typhoon models depending on your imaging needs. For added flexibility Typhoon 9200 9210 and 9400 can be upgraded as imaging needs change. All Typhoon models come with ImageQuant™ TL.


Microarray Slide for Typhoon 9410 Molecular ImagerMicroarray Slide

A micro-array slide spotted with cDNA from Micro-array ScoreCard™ control plate and cDNA from Incyte Genomics Inc. was hybridized with 25 pmol of Cy3-labeled skeletal muscle mRNA and Cy5-labeled liver mRNA. The slide was scanned on Typhoon 9410 at 10 μm pixel size resolution.

2D Protien Staining

Typhoon 9410 2D StainingTwo Dimensional 2D- Protein Staining

Two-dimensional 2-D protein gel stained with Deep Purple™ Total Protein Stain. Protein sample consists of HBL100 breast cell line and BT474 breast cell carcinoma. First dimension: Immobiline™ DryStrip pH 3-10 NL 24cm run on Ettan™ IPGphor IEF System. Second dimension: DALT Gel 12.5 run on Ettan DALTtwelve Large Vertical Electrophoresis System. Scanning: Typhoon 9400 Variable Mode Imager: Excitation green laser (532 nm); emission 560LP filter PMT 530 V 100 μm resolution. The gel image shows the pH 3-8 region where most proteins are present.

4 Color

4 Color Competititve gel shift assay for Typhoon 9410Four-color competitive gel shift assay

Four-color competitive gel shift assay to determine the relative affinities of the Salmonella spp. bacteriophage P22 repressor Mnt (1). In the assay the repressor is allowed to bind four different oligonucloetides labeled with FAM HEX TAMRA and ROX respectively at the same time. The intensities for each fluorophore in a lane are related directly to the relative affinity of the repressor protein for the oligonucleotide use

In Lane Sizing

 In-Lane Sizing of PCR, Typhoon 9410In-lane sizing of PCR products

In-lane sizing of PCR products. GeneScan -500 ROX size standard (yellow Applied Biosystems) Cy3-labeled PCR products (green) Alfexpress Cy5 Sizer™ 50-500 (red GE Healthcare) and fluorescein-labeled PCR products (blue) were resolved in a 12% polyacrylamide gel glass sandwich

1. Tsz-Kwong M. and Stormo G. D. Nucleic Acids Res. 29 2471-2478 (2001)


GE Amersham Molecular Dynamics Typhoon 9410 Molecular Imager Specifications

Scan area 35 × 43 cm
Sensitivity (limit of detection)
Storage Phosphor14C (1 h exposure 200 and 100 μm only): < 2 dpm/mm2; 32P: 5-10-fold lower than 14C
488 nm excited fluorescence100 amol FAM end-labeled DNA primer in 12% polyacrylamide gel sandwich 0.4 mm thick
532 nm excited fluorescence200 amol HEX TMR ROX and 400 amol FAM end-labeled DNA primer in 12% polyacrylamide gel sandwich 0.4 mm thick
633 nm excited fluorescence200 amol Cy5 end-labeled DNA primer in 0.4 mm thick 12% polyacrylamide gel with TBE buffer
Pixel size 1000 500 200 100 50 25 and 10 μm selectable
Spatial resolution
Auto-radiography2 line pairs/mm for lines drawn with 14C ink.
Blue-excited fluorescence10 line pairs/mm
Green-excited fluorescence10 line pairs/mm
Red-excited fluorescence10 line pairs/mm
Uniformity± 5% over entire scan area
Pixel accuracy± 0.15%
Data format16-bit (65 536 levels) TIFF
Linear dynamic range and linearity Five orders of magnitude (100 000:1) with less than 7.5% relative standard deviation for entire dynamic range.
Red light sourceType: 10 mW Helium-Neon laser
Estimated average lifetime: 10 000 h Wavelength: 632.8 nm
Green light sourceType: 20 mW solid-state doubled frequency SYAG laser
Estimated average lifetime: ~ 10 000 h Wavelength: 532 nm
Blue light sourceType: 30 mW all blue lines Argon ion laser
Estimated average lifetime: ~ 5000 h Wavelength: 488 nm (20 mW) and 457 nm (4 mW)
External interface10 Base-T Ethernet using TCP/IP protocol
SoftwareScan control software for Windows™ operating system
Power requirements115/230 V (switchable) 50-60 Hz < 500 W
Dimensions (W × D × H)Instrument: 118 × 78 × 48 cm
Blue laser module: 30 × 78 × 48 cm
Safety certifications UL 3101 CAN/CSA C22.2 No 1010.1 EN 61010-1 EN60825-1 EN 61326 CE Marking (LVD 73/23/EEC EMC 89/336/EEC) CDRH (FDA) Subpart 21 CFR Ch.1-Part 1040. (Please contact your local GE Healthcare office for the latest list of certifications.)

SELECTION GUIDE - Typhoon™ Model Capabilities

Typhoon modelStorage phosphor
ChemiluminescenceDirect red-excited
Direct green-excited
Direct blue-excited fluorescenceMicroarray imaging
     457 nm488 nm 
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