• Easy-to-use Software
  • Efficiency Tracing
  • Automatic color correction
  • Sample Error checking monitor
  • Mini vial capable
  • 21 CFR Part 11 is standard

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Accuflex Accuracy and Flexibility



Hitachi  & GMI are pleased to announce the introduction of the AccuFLEX LSC-8000 for the US market. Both companies combine 80 plus years designing, building and supporting LS instruments for academia, biopharma, environmental, and industrial users.

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Over 50 years of R&D History since 1962

Sophisticated performance supports measurement in analytical and mechanical aspects in addition to conventional technologies. AccuFLEX LSC-8000 provides advanced solutions for confident research.

Excellent Measurement Approach

Many types of correction functions are available by standard configuration for various measurements. Reliable data is acquired in an expeditious manner, covering low-active and low-volume samples.

Accuflex Measurement Approach

Advanced Features for Accurate and Speedy Measurement

Excellent Energy Resolution on 3H and 14C Region

AccuFLEX LSC-8000 provides reliability with its high-resolution counting features.

3H and 14C regions, which are common nuclides in liquid scintillation counting, are counted at an outstanding resolution of 0.05 keV/ch. Measuring only the 3H region can be performed at an even higher resolution of 0.005 keV/ch. These features play a large role in determining quench level and double-labeled counting.

Accuflex Energy Resolution

Level Method (ESCR & SCCR)

  • ESCR (External Standard Channel Ratio)Accuflex External Standard Channel Ration

ESCR is a powerful quench correction method that works for most of quenched samples. Gamma- irradiated* samples give Compton spectrum, which are to be analyzed by MCA. Quench level is based on quench index - that is 75% of total spectrum area. ESCR is also useful for low-radioactive samples.

*133Ba (740kBq) equipped as an external standard.

 Accuflex Self Constant Channel Ration

  • SCCR (Self Constant Channel Ratio)

SCCR is additionally available as a quench correction method. 

Constant Ratio Method

A group consisting of samples with the same quench level can be counted in minimized time. The correction is based on the quench level of the first sample to use as the equivalent counting efficiency for the following samples. Quench level is determined by either ESCR or SCCR.

Efficiency Tracing Method (Optional)

Accuflex Tracing Method

This is a measurement method that maximizes the use of the multi-channel analyzer and data calculation function. The spectrum of measured samples is multifacetedly captured to automatically determine the regression equation and calculate the dpm and Bq of the sample based on the efficiency tracer curve. This method does not require quenching correction and eliminates the Gamma irradiation time by external radiation source, resulting in a rapid measurement of samples.


 Intelligent LSC Function (Optional)

Auto Isotope Select automatically determines 

Accuflex LSC Function

nuclides for each sample and chooses the correction methods and counting windows. By simply setting the counting time and cycles, accurate dpm and Bq can be obtained. The nuclides determined by the system are also displayed/printed in the measurement result.

Set of optional features including Efficiency Tracing Method and Intelligent LSC Function is provided.




Enhanced Functions to Ensure Accurate Counting for all Sample Types

Chemical Luminescence Correction

At the phase of sample preparation, chemical luminescence may be generated such as by tissue solubilizing agent. This chemical luminescence has an adverse effect on the liquid scintillation counting. This correction uses signals from two photomultiplier tubes to distinguish the counts from chemical luminescence and from radiation. Accurate measurement results are obtained by subtracting the count on the chemical luminescence. The degree of chemical luminescence can be presented together with count results.

Accuflex Chemical Luminescene Correction

Color Quenching Correction (Optional)

Accuflex Color Quenching Correction

Quenching caused by colored samples attenuates weak light emitted by radiation, resulting in count reduction. This feature notifies the occurrence of color quenching when irradiating Gamma from the external standard radiation source, during ESCR correction.

This enables accurate counting by correcting the reduced counts from the colored sample. Measurement result includes the degree of color quenching for better understanding.


Anti-Static Function (Optional)

Accuflex Anti-Static Function

Counting vial often becomes electrostatically charged at its surface in low-humidity environment and when polyethylene is used in the material. Those problems are likely to make an adverse effect and false counting.

AccuFLEX LSC-8000 is equipped with a dedicated ionizer to neutralize static electricity of the entire sample changing deck in addition to having original antistatic racks, ensuring accurate counting.

Alpha/Beta Separation Function (Optional)

Alpha and Beta radiations can be distinguished for certain countings by their different electrical signals. AccuFLEX LSC-8000 uses reliable RTC* to distinguish pulse shapes of these radiations. Spectrum and counts can be displayed individually or simultaneously for each.

*RTC : Rise Time to Height Converter

Accuflex Alpha/Beta Separation Function

Sample Error Checking Monitor (Optional)

Abnormal events (e.g. biphasic separation, absorption to the vial surface, precipitation, etc.) created in the samples are monitored by Gamma Compton spectrum during ESCR correction and the Beta spectrum. These results are informed to the user. This works as an indication for sample preparation since abnormal samples adversely affect counting results.

Accuflex Sample Error Checking Monitor


Accuflex Sample Error Display


Features to Support Data Reliability

Accuflex System Performance Evaluation

System Performance Evaluation

Steady, well-maintained system ensures reliable measurement.

AccuFLEX LSC-8000 periodically counts standard samples to acquire and save data, presenting the system condition in a graph for easy understanding.

History Review

AccuFLEX LSC-8000 stores its system conditions, My No. conditions and correction-curve information which are related to system performance and measurement results. Data of errors are also saved to enable later review. This history also works as validation recording for measurement results to know the exact conditions of the time of System Performance Evaluation. This serves as a GLP system.

Accuflex History Review

21 CFR Part 11 is included as a standard feature.


Personal Data Registration and Security Lock IDs with passwords are provided for each user. Access authorization can be preset individually as well. Security Lock protects various information including measurement conditions and acquired results stored in the system. Major parameter settings (e.g. measurement conditions) can be protected by required authorization with password, necessary for parameter adjustment.

Accuflex Security

Bilingual Support

English, French, Chinese and Japanese are selectable depending on your preference.

Accuflex Bilingual Support

Rack with My No. Post

50 measurement conditions can be registered. My No. Post allows optimized counting depending on what is required for your measurement. IDs on vial racks are easily confirmed on the measurement results for reliable sample management.

Accuflex Rack with my No. Post

Various Sizes of Sample are Supported

AccuFLEX LSC-8000 provides compatibility not only for common 20 ml vials, but also for mini vials and micro tubes to meet various measurement demands.

Accuflex Various Sizes of samples are supported

Comfortable Output Interfaces

USB port is equipped on the both front and back panels to support common removable media. LAN port on the back panel enables network connection at your facility. RS-232C is also equipped for conventional communication.

Accuflex Comfortable Output Interface



AccuFlex LSC Consumables



Oxidiser Products

Other Products


Dimensions and Weight

Accuflex Dimension and Weight

Standard Components

1 main unit, 1 stylus pen, 2 sets of vial rack (RKL-8100 and RKL-8110 for 20 vial racks in total), 1 standard operation manual, 1 simplified operation manual (CD), 1 inspection pass tag


Accuflex Specification Table


Accuflex Configuration Table


Accuflex Options Table

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