HITACHI AccuFLEX LSC-LB7 Liquid Scintillator

HITACHI AccuFLEX LSC-LB7 Liquid Scintillator


  • Highest level detection performance
  • Highest resolution level in tritium measurement
  • Lower than 0.4Bq/L detection limit (24 hrs, 3sigma standard deviation)
  • High performance color quenching correction function
  • Real time spectrum results
  • Extra low background 

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Low Background Liquid Scintillation

Extremely low background technology of its own excellence

The world's highest level of detection performance in the measurement of the H-3 is realised with unique unparalleled detector structure and excellence technology for reducing background.

Passive shield by thick lead and active shield by high-performance guard counter would reduce effectively the effects of exogenous radiation and achieve measurement with a very low level radioactivity.

Since 1971

In 1971, world's first background reducing technology by guard counter was introduced. Evolving from the traditional models, it has been reborn as the AccuFLEX series, represents outstanding presence and excellent performance.

AccuFLEX Series

The world's highest level of detection performance in the measurement of 3H

The world's highest level of tritium detection has been achieved.
It has been realized by the unique detector structure with the vial up to 145 ml, three photomultiplier tubes, and reducing the effects of external radiation by the guard counter, anti-coincidence signal detection and massive layer of lead.

Direct measurement is ensured without pre-processing. such as electrolytic enrichment, for ultra-low level 'H measurement in the environmental samples.

Fm Value

Accu.FLEX Lsc LSC-LB7 realized the value of more than 285,000 FM-value.
Detection limit is not exceeding approximately 0.61Bq/L in the 500 minutes measurement, and 1,440 minutes (24-hour) measurement provides less than the 0.36 Bq/L.

(Efficiency: 25, Sample volume: 40mL,Background: 3.5c:pm)



High-resolution measurement in the 3H and 14 C regions

Liquid scintillation system often uses 3H and 14 C regions. LSC-LB7 can measure with high energy resolution of 0.005kcV/c.b. in 11 region, and region can be measured with high resolution of 0.05kcV/c.b..4,000ch multi--channel analyzer and automatic gain controller realize high resolution.

High Resolution Measurement

Level method (ESCR or SCCR method)

Compton spectrum of an external radiation source

External Standard Channel Ratio

  •  ESCR (External Standard Channel Ratio)

The internal radiation source" equipped with the system radiates gamma rays to the samples. The Compton spectrwn obtained by this system is analyzed by the multi-channel analyzer and the channel equivalent to 75% of the total counts is called as a quenching indicating parameter. This enables a very wide range of quenching corrections, making it ideal for low-radiation samples.

*Equipped with WBa-740kBq: !CJS than the exception levels in Basic Safety Standards by IAEA


Self Constant Channel Ratio

  • SCCR method (Self Constant Channel Ratio)

This is a method to make the shape of the spectrum of the sample itself as a quenching indicating parameter without the use of the external radiation source. Similar to the ESCR method, the result is analyzed by the multichannel analyzer, making the channel equivalent to 75% a quenching indicating parameter. This is ideal for measuring extremely small amount of samples (in the order of !OJAI to100t.t1).




Efficiency Tracing Method (ETM) /Intelligent LSC function (option)

Liquid scintillation system often uses 3H and 14C regions. LSC-LB7 can measure with high energy resolution of0.005kcV/c.b. in 1-1 region, and region can be measured with high resolution of 0.05kcV/c.b..4,000ch multi--channel analyzer and automatic gain controller realize high resolution.

  • Efficiency Tracing Method (ETM)Efficiency Training Curve

This is a measurement method that maximizes the use of the multi-channel analyzer and data calculation function. The spectrum of the measured samples is captured in multifactor way to automatically determine the regression equation and calculate the dpm and Bq values of the sample based on the efficiency tracing curve. This method does not require quenching correction and eliminates the gamma time using the internal radiation source., resulting in a rapid measurement of samples.



  • Intelligent LSC Function (Optional)Intelligent LSC Function

Hitachi Aloka's unique intelligent LSC function (Auto Isotope Select) automatically determines nuclides for each sample and automatically selectS the correction methods and measurement windows. By just setting the measurement time and cycles, accurate dpm and Bq values can be obtained. The nuclides which the system determined are also displayed/printed in the measurement result.


Configuration and optional function

Excellent stability and user-friendly sample charger

Sample Changer

The measurement of trace amounts of radioactivity requires a long time measurement, in general.

In this system, by improving the detector and sample changer, we have achieve better cooling performance and advanced counting stability in long time measurement.

In order to improving the operabiltiy of the sample transport, rather looking at the operation screen as in our previous modules, operation switch has been newly provided for the nan.sportation task on the side of the sample changer.

Vials that can be used

Vials of 20ml, 100ml and 145ml are supported


Counting efficiency 3H count efficiency : 60% or more; 14C count efficiency : 90% or more
FM (Figure of Merit) Value (100ml Vial) 285,000 or more (3H counting efficiency: 25% or more+1, background: 3.5cpm or less+2) *1:Emulsion scintillator, water content of 40% *2:Toluene Scintillator
Sample exchange method Using a conveyor
Vials that can be used 20 ml, 100ml and 145 ml are,supported (145mm or less in height, 48mm or less in diameter.)
Analysis window 3 windows
Quenching correctin method Level method (ESCR method, SCCR method, or OFF), Efficiency tracing method (option)
Analysis method High-resolution spectrum analysis by automatic switching gains with 4,000 ch. multi-channel analyzer
Preset time and present count 0.1 to 9999.9min, 1to 9999999 counts
Repeat 1 to 100, infinity
Cycle 1 to 100, infinity
Wait Time 0.0 to 99.9 min
Cooling function 0.0 to 99.9 min
Environmental requirements in operation Temperature: 5 to 30 degrees C, Relative humidity : 30 to 80% RH (non-condensing)
Power 100V AC to 120V AC or 220V AC to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz, aprrox. 650 VA (except printer)
Dimensions Approx. (W) 123 X (D) 77 X (H) 163 cm
Weight Approx. 800 kg (Load-bearing capacity of floor require 800 kg/m2) or more

Configuration and options

Standard Configuration
Main unit (LSC-LB7) 1 unit
Printer 1 unit
Accessories 1 set
ID post 1 set (including the box container), spare fuses 1set, Power cables 1set, 3P-2P conversion connector 1, ground cable 1, printer cable 1, 20ml vial adaptors 1set, *polyethylene tank 1, drain tubes 1set, stylus 1, A4 recording paper 1set, spare ink cartridge 1, spare filter 1set, documents (Instruction Manual 1, Condition setting table 1, Inspection pass tag1)
Standard functions
Number of samples Up to 20 samples
Number of multi-users program 20 programs
Operation screen display and format. 12-inch color LCD touch screen
Single/dual/triple label dpm measurement Standard
System performance evaluation function Standard (Separately, is required for the check sample.)
Chemical luminescence correction Standard
Color quenching correction Standard
Electrostatic charge removal function Standard
Automatic generation of correctin curve Standard
Automatic gain selection/ Standard
Automatic window determination function Standard
Sigma check Standard
Detection limit calculation Standard
Normalization function Standard
Efficiency tracing method/intelligent LSC function LSC-LB7-OP3
Sample abnormal check monitor LSC-LB7-OP3
Sample abnormal check monitor LSC-LB7-OP4
20ml vial adaptor LSC-LB7-OP4

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