ISS-3075R Incubated Shakers (Chamber Models)

ISS-3075R Incubated Shakers (Chamber Models)


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Specially designed to be double-stacked on the floor or located on the lab benches for space saving. Multi-purpose incubated shakers feature a wide range of temperature control and large chamber volume.

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Operating Features

    General Control
  • Intuitive touch screen LCD controller with easy icons and logical menus.
  • Automatic run is available with non-volatile set point memory after power interruption.
  • Built-in RS-232 port and USB port for external control and data collection.

  • Shaking Control
  • Speed range: 10 to 500 rpm. (10 to 250rpm for the top unit of a stack)
  • Orbit diameter: 19.1mm.
  • Timer range: 1 min. to 999 hr 59 min.
  • Audible/Visible alarm activated by shaking speed deviation.
  • Worry-free operation.
    - Automatic shaking speed adjustment in case of excessive workload such as unbalanced load placement, unusual vibrations caused from unstable floor or external shock.
  • Shaker protection system against over-current, stalled platform check.

  • Temperature Control
  • Temperature range:
    Amb. +5 C to 80 C (for ISS-3075 / 4075)
    Amb. -20 C (Min. +4) to 80 C (for ISS-3075R / 4075R)
  • Microprocessor PID control and auto-tuning.
  • Three point temperature calibration.
  • Triple independent temperature monitor system.
    - Temperature deviation alarm (High/Low)
    - Electronic temperature limiter (High/Low)
    - Mechanical over-temperature limiter (High)

  • * Temp. change may occur during automatic defrost.(for ISS-3075R/4075R)

Constructional Features

  • Chambers stackable, up to two levels.
  • Chambers stackable, up to two levels.
  • Wide speed range even with heavy workload.
    - Equipped with a maintenance-free BLDC motor to generate smooth, quiet, uniform, and yet powerful shaking motion.
  • Repetitive task can be easily performed as the platform stops where it starts.
    - Stopping the shaking platform always at the same position is highly beneficial for automated dosing or sampling process.
  • Pleasant test environment by the smooth acceleration and deceleration control.
    - Smooth start and smooth stop function prevents chemical spills from flasks or test tubes.
  • Wide sample monitoring and convenient sample loading.
    - Clear observation of samples without affecting inner chamber s environment thanks to the transparent viewing window with bright LED lamps.
  • Easy-access drain system with a quick disconnect valve offers great convenience to clean up of spills.
  • Two adjustable-height shelves provided allow static incubation or refrigeration, which increase storage capacity.
  • Air-tight silicone door seal to provide excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Corrosion resistance stainless steel interior.
  • Three step adjustable high-velocity fan ensuring uniform temperature distribution and rapid thermal recovery after door open.
  • Retractable foot caster, beneficial for easy mobility during installation or relocation. (optional)
  • Built-in electrical outlet with a safety cover inside the chamber.
  • Environment-friendly CFC-free refrigerant. (for ISS-3075R / 4075R)
Model ISS-3075 ISS-3075R ISS-4075 ISS-4075R
Temperature 1) Range ( / ) Amb. +5 to 80
/ Amb. +9 to 176
Amb. -20 (Min. +4)
to 80
/ Amb. -36 (Min. +7.2)
to 176
Amb. +5 to 80
/ Amb. +9 to 176
Amb. -20 (Min. +4)
to 80
/ Amb. -36 (Min. +7.2)
to 176
Fluctuation at 37 in flask ( / ) 0.1 / 0.18
Variation at 37 in flask ( / ) 0.5 / 0.90
Refrigerator (Hp) - 1/6Hp, HBP - 1/6Hp, HBP
Shaking System Motion Type Orbital
Amplitude Size (mm / inch, dia.) 19.1 / 0.75
Speed Range (RPM) 10 to 500 (Stackable :10 to 250)
Accuracy 1% of set speed (>100rpm) / 1 (<100rpm)
Timer 1 min. to 999 hr 59 min.
Max. Load (kg / Ibs) 10 / 22.0 at 500 rpm
21 / 46.3 at 400 rpm
Dimension Volume
(L / cu ft)
80 / 2.8 150 / 5.3
(W D, mm / inch)
350 350 / 13.8x13.8 450 450 / 17.7 17.7
(W D H, mm / inch)
440 440 418 / 17.3 17.3 16.5 540 540 518 / 21.3 21.3 20.4
(W D H, mm / inch)
570 815 854 / 22.4 32.1 33.6 678 895 934 / 26.7 35.2 38.8
(Standard / Max)
2 / 8 2 / 11
Net Weight
(kg / Ibs)
153 / 337.3
160 / 352.7 183 / 403.4 190 / 418.9
Electrical Requirements
60Hz, 5.2A 50Hz, 5.2A 60Hz, 7A 50Hz, 7A 60Hz, 5.2A 50Hz, 5.2A 60Hz, 7.6A 50Hz, 7.6A
Cat. No. AAH
Electrical Requirements
60Hz, 9.9A 60Hz, 13.5A 60Hz, 9.9A 60Hz, 14.7A
Cat. No. AAH23415U AAH23515U AAH23615U AAH23715U
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