Jenco Inverted Compound Microscope

Jenco Inverted Compound Microscope


  • Optical body - Seidentopf design inclined 30° with 55 to 75 mm interpupillary adjustment, 360° rotation
  • Nosepiece - quintuple, ball bearing
  • Eye pieces - 10X, Focal Length 25mm, FN 20 mm.
  • Focus mechanism - adjustable tension control to prohibit drift and adjustable up-stop to protect objective lenses; dial markings at 0.002mm increments
  • Condenser - 1.25 N.A. 2 element Abbe with iris diaphragm and rack and pinion focusing; 55mm working distance, swing out working distance is 3 inches
  • Kohler Illumination, field diaphragm, 30 watt, 6 volt Halogen bulb with electronic dimmer
  • Dimensions: (WHD) (in/cm) 9 x 22.5 x 21.5 / 22.86 x 57.15 x 54.61; Gross Weight: (lb/kg) 50/22.7

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The Jenco Inverted Compound Microscope model CP-2A1 is now available from GMI. The Jenco Inverted Compound Microscope has a versatile frame and is ideally suited for budget conscious researchers. The Jenco Compound Inverted Microscope has a long working distances condenser (50mm) and objectives. Six objectives are provided with the instrument which help provide brilliant resolved images in both phase, contrast as well as bright-field techniques. The Jenco Compound Inverted Microscope has a condenser swing which can swing out to accommodate roller bottles or other large cultivation vessels.

The Jenco Inverted Compound Microscope is an affordable instrument that delivers exacting performance for routine research with consuming your budget. The versatile trinocular body provides excellent image documentation. The condenser is designed for convenient observation of virtually any vessel type and the mechanical stage has inserts for well plates and petri dishes. Three objectives provide both phase and contrast bright-field.

The Jenco Inverted Compound Microscope model CP-2A1 is an extremely durable instrument, the all metal frame and metal focusing mechanism ensures performance well beyond the 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Key features of the Jenco Inverted Compound Microscope model CP-2A1 include an optical body utilizing Seidentof design with an incline of 30° and offers 55-75mm interpupillary adjustments with a full 360° rotation. The CP-2A1 features a quintuple ball bearing nose piece, and a 10x magnification eyepiece with 25mm focal length and 20mm FN. The adjustable tension control in the focal mechanism prevents drift and the adjustable up-stop protects the objective lense during operation. Dial markings are indicated in 0.002mm increments. The Jenco Inverted Compound Microscope also features a 1.25 N.A 2 element Abbe condenser with diaphragm, rack and pinion focusing with 55mm working distance. This model also features a 3 inch swing out working distance. The Kohler Illumination, field diaphragm halogen bulb has a power rating of 30 watts at 6 volts an is adjustable via a electronic dimmer control.

The Jenco Inverted Compound Microscope featured a right handed coaxial drop-down with X-Y control knobs. The unit itself measures 9x 22.5 x 21.5 (WHD inch) and gross weight of 22.7 kg

Microscope Includes: the six objectives in the table, dust cover, three color filters, spare halogen lamp and fuse, phase centering telescope, phase annulus sliders and instruction manual.


Jenco Inverted Compound Microscope Specification

Objective Magnification/ ModelNumeric Aperture (mm)Fixed field of view w/ 10x E.P (mm)Working Distance Phase Plan Achromatic (mm)Working Distance Phase Plan Achromatic (mm)
Mechanical stage: (WHD) (in/cm) 8.25 x 8.875 / 20.95 x 22.54; Right-hand Coaxial dropdown X-Y Control Knobs; Four Inserts for: well plates (13 x 8 cm and 8 x 5 cm ) petri dish (6.8 cm diam.) and slides (7.5 x 3.5 cm and 7.5 x 2.5 cm)

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