Multiple Gas Analyzer #2 GC

Multiple Gas Analyzer #2 GC

  • Separates a wide variety of peaks in a single injection, including water
  • Tolerant of user adjustments and timing variations
  • Simpler than other multiple gas capable systems

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Multiple Gas Analyzer #2 GC system (MG#2) is pre-plumbed and ready to resolve H2, O2, N2, methane, CO, ethane, CO2, ethylene, water, alcohols, propane, butanes, pentanes and C6. The MG#2 is similar to the MG#1, except that the MG#2 can measure water and alcohol in addition to the multiple gas compounds. This configuration has since been superseded by the MG#3 series GCs, offering improved performance at a lower price.

To separate such a wide variety of peaks without co-elution, the MG#2 turns on the carrier gas flow to each column at different times during the run. This allows the Molecular Sieve column to complete the separation of H2, O2, N2, CH4 and CO, at which point the molecular sieve carrier flow is turned off and the HayeSep-D carrier flow is turned on. The HayeSep D column then separates all compounds in the C1-C6 range. An optional capillary column in parallel with the HayeSep-D and connected to an additional optional FID detector (additional $3,088, plus $2,879 data system upgrade, if needed) can also be useful in separating the hydrocarbons out through C20. Detectors can be TCD, HID, FID, or any combination, depending on your application needs.

This chromatogram shows the separation of a 1% Gas Standard sample on a MG#2 equipped with a TCD detector. The first five peaks came off the molecular sieve column, and the following three peaks came off the HayeSep D column. Note that the methane elutes twice, once from each column.

These two chromatograms show the separation of a 1000 ppm C1-C6 standard plus room air on a MG#2 GC equipped with TCD (bottom chromatogram) and FID (top chromatogram) detectors.

This modified MG#2 (8610-0271) is equipped with:

TCD detector optional HID detector FID-methanizer optional 30 meter capillary column molecular sieve 13X & HayeSep D packed columns 10-port gas sampling valve and dual loops 6 channel PeakSimple data system

Available Models: 8610-0270 Multiple Gas Analyzer #2 with TCD detector, 1 channel PeakSimple data system, 115VAC $12,435.00 8610-0271 Multiple Gas Analyzer #2 with TCD, Methanizer, FID, built-in "whisper quiet" air compressor, 6 channel PeakSimple data system, 115VAC $16,755.00 8610-0272 Multiple Gas Analyzer #2 with TCD and HID detectors, 6 channel PeakSimple data system $17,305.00 8610-0273 Multiple Gas Analyzer #2 with TCD, Methanizer, FID, FID/FPD, 60 meter capillary column, built-in "whisper quiet" air compressor, 6 channel PeakSimple data system, 115VAC $23,795.00

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