Natural Gas Gas Analyzer GC

Natural Gas Gas Analyzer GC

  • TCD Detector 
  • 10-port gas sampling valve
  • 1-meter Hayesep-D packed column 
  • 30-meter, 0.53mm MXT-1 capillary column
  • 1 channel PeakSimple data system on the compact 8610C chassis

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The Natural Gas Analyzer GC system is pre-plumbed and ready to measure N2, methane, CO2, ethane, H2O, propane, iso- and normal pentanes, iso- and normal pentanes, and C6 plus backflush. The main benefits of the Natural Gas Analyzer GC are simplicity, low cost, and the ability to determine the water content of the gas.

The Natural Gas Analyzer GC uses just a single 10-port gas sampling valve and two columns, and is tolerant of valve timing variations or operator adjustments.

Unlike the widely used competitive micro GCs, the Natural Gas Analyzer GC is not only tolerant of water in the sample gas, but it actually generates a quantifiable water peak.

The seven minute analysis may be longer than a micro GC analysis, but the Natural Gas Analyzer GC does not need baking out between runs. Therefore, about the same number of runs may be made per day with the Natural Gas Analyzer GC as with a typical micro GC.

The chromatogram at right shows the separation of a natural gas sample in less than seven minutes by an Natural Gas Analyzer GC. This GC reports the composition of the gas sample. Users must manually calculate caloric values, specific gravity, Wobbe Index, and other values using the actual temperature and pressure of the sample in question.

The Natural Gas Analyzer GC can be configured with a TCD detector only, for detection limits in the 200-300 ppm range. Other detectors may be added, such as the FID or FPD for applications requiring higher sensitivity or selectivity.

Available Models: 8610-3070 Natural Gas Analyzer GC System $11,920.0

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