Packard TopCount NXT Scintillation Counter

Packard TopCount NXT Scintillation Counter

  • Low scintillation and luminescence backgrounds
  • Counts efficiently in opaque microplates
  • Compatible with filterplates and filtermats
  • Temperature-controlled counting chamber
  • Choose from 2, 4, 6 or 12 detector models.

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The Packard TopCount NXT is a high performing scintillation counter with a high sample capacity and throughput rate. This highly efficient model offers low background counting of beta, gamma and glow luminescence samples in 24, 96 and 384-well microplates and microvials.

Every TopCount scintillation counter is fitted with the unique counting technology, ensuring excellent performance. This single photomultiplier tube (PMT) time resolved counting method is patented and results to virtually crosstalk-free counting when used with opaque plates.

High sensitivity is attained with the use of Time Resolved Liquid Scintillation Counting (TR-LSC) technology. This method distinguishes backgrounds from true counts by analyzing the decay period of each scintillation event, resulting to high signal-to-noise ratios, superior sensitivity, and linearity over a wide dynamic range.

Fast photon counting and temperature controls found in the TopCount NXT scintillation counter make it an ideal counter for luminescence assays. The unique circuitry fitted in this Packard model enables counting of more photons per second than most dedicated microplate luminescence detection systems. Each counter is equipped with small PMTs that have low intrinsic backgrounds. Applications which are often difficult to measure like small and low count rate samples receive high signals and low backgrounds with the help of specialized tubes.

Users can insert TopCount external stackers with up to 40 microplates for a fully automated counting procedure. Luminescent samples can produce a throughput of more than 50,000 samples per day. Operators can also conveniently load new plates and unload counted ones on this Packard scintillation counter without interrupting the counting process.

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Packard TopCount NXT Scintillation Counter Specifications

Automatic Microplate Stacker Accepts 20 and 40 plate stacker cassettes
Counting Technology Patented TR-LSC Triple-Mode
Isothermal Counting Chamber User selectable from 19 to 35'C
DPM Calculations Both single and dual label DPM
Computer IBM 350 MHz Pentium II
Operating System Windows NT
Database Hologram ODBC
Data Outputs Raw counts, CPM, DPM, single and dual label, screening and elapsed time
Data Archiving ASCII, Lotus or Excel
Printer Output User selectable
Dimensions 50.8 cm (H) x 94.0 cm (W) x 63.5 cm (D)
Weight 91 kg without AES and cart
127 kg with AES and without cart
Electrical Requirements 117 Vac ± 10% 50/60 Hz 4.0 Amp protection
220 Vac ± 15% 50/60 Hz 3.0 Amp protection
Power consumption 350 VA maximum, instrument only
Isothermal Cooling Electrical Requirements 117 Vac ± 10% 50/60 Hz 8.0 Amp protection
220 Vac ± 15% 50/60 Hz 5.0 Amp protection
Power consumption 940 VA maximum
Environmental Requirements Operating ambient temperature 15 to 35 °C (59 to 90 °F)
Operating relative humidity 30% to 85%
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