Stat Fax® 3300 Chemistry Analyzer

Stat Fax® 3300 Chemistry Analyzer

Awareness Technology Inc
  • Large graphical display
  • Built-in printer and connectivity to external printer/ PC
  • Adapts to use 12 mm round tubes- 1 cm square cuvettes- or built in flow cell
  • Conforms to GLP/GMP and ISO 9001 Standard

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The Awareness Technology Stat Fax 3300 Microplate Reader is designed to read and calculate the results of in-vitro diagnostic assays. Equipped with a large graphical display, the reader provides absorbance and concentration readings at or near the available wavelength.

The design of this Awareness Technology microplate reader includes many features that reduce user errors and repeats. Among these are stable factory calibration, automatic zeroing, complete operator prompting, and pre-programmed calculations. Detailed labeling, visual and audible feedback, as well as flags and error messages add to the efficient operation of this system.

The flexible Stat Fax 3300 is equipped with multiple, self-prompting operating modes to meet the varying demands and requirements of any facility. The modes include Absorbance Mode, Standard Mode, Rate Mode, Factor Mode, Multi-point Mode, and Index Mode. Moreover, the instrument accepts standard 12 mm round tubes as well as 1 cm square cuvettes.

The Stat Fax 3300 reader's user-programmable memory allows the operator to store and name tests in a numbered test menu. Thereafter, these tests may be readily recalled for later use with minimal set up, and remain stored until either changed or deleted by the user. Basic calculations are also permanently stored in the Stat Fax memory, including several single and multi-point equations.

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Awareness Technologies Stat Fax 3300 Microplate Reader Specifications

Spectrophotometer TypeFilter photometer
Optical ConfigurationSingle beam with continuously rotating filter wheel Monochromatic
or bichromatic reading 8 filter positions
Usable Spectral Range330 to 770 nm
System ProceduresOpen and by stored menu
Calculating ModesAbsorbance, Single Standard, Factor Mode, Multi Standard Mode (up to 7 standards),
Multi Standard % Abs (up to 7 standards), Kinetic Mode, Index Mode
Channels120 Open
Source of RadiationTungsten Halogen, 10 Watt, with automatic lamp saver
Selection of WavelengthBy filter
Filter Type4-cavity interference, long-life ion beam-assisted deposition
Wavelength Accuracy+/- 3 nm
Filter LocationAfter sample (heat absorbing filter before sample)
Filter SelectionAutomatic by software or via keyboard
Wavelengths340, 405, 505, 545, 580, 630 nm supplied standard, other/additional filters optional
Half Bandwidth< 10 nm
1/100 Bandwidth14 nm at 340 nm
False Radiant Energy Ratio< 0.001 at 340 and 405 nm
Cuvette1 cm square, 12 cm round, flow through
Supplied Typeflow through
Material316 stainless, borosilicate windows
GeometryCylindrical, 2.3 mm dia x 5 mm +/- 0.05 mm
Illuminated Volume21 µl
Minimum Read Volume250 µl
Aspiration/PurgeVacuum pump at 18 cm of Hg
ValveSilicone pinch type
Cuvette HolderThermostatically controlled compartment at 37° C
DetectorGallium-Arsenide-Phosphide photodiode
Display Type240 x 128 Graphic LCD w/ Backlight
Absorbance-0.5 to 3.5 (flow-through mode) -0.5 to 2.5 (tube or 1 cm cuvette)
ConcentrationMaximum 999,999
Kinetic ResultsAbs/min with resolution of 0.0002 A/min
Zero CompensationAutomatic
Range-0.5 to 2.5 absorbance
ParallelCentronics/IBM-PC compatible
SerialRS-232 at 9600 baud, 8 data, 1 stop, no parity Bi-Directional
Data Input1) 20 Key Keypad, 2) PS2 101 Keyboard (connector available at back of instrument)
Flow-through< 0.5 % at 1 absorbance, 340/630 nm
StabilityBetter than 0.003 A/hr monochromatic after warm-up
Better than 0.001 A/hr bichromatic after warm-up
Warm-up Time90 seconds photometric 15 minutes for temperature compartment
ElectronicsZ180 Microprocessor 18 MHz 128k EEPROM 32 K bytes Nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM)
PowerAuto-Switching Power Supply
Voltage source: 90 – 264 VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 60 watts
Installation Category: CAT II
   2.5A/250V Fast 5-20 mm Glass Fuse,
   2.0A/250V Fast 5-20 mm Ceramic Fuse,
   (2) 6/10 250V Slow Blow 3AG Fuses
Dimensions and Weight40cm (L) x 37 cm (W) x 14 cm (H) lid closed (30 cm lid opened), 6.4 kg
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