Used Speed Vac System

Know what specs and features you need, so you don't get the wrong SpeedVac by mistake. Grab this free speedvac guide and learn how you can:


  • Figure out the sample format volume and capacity based on the solvent type that you are using.
  • Select the right temperature level of your SpeedVac testing traps.
  • Determine the vacuum pump type that will work best for your applications.
  • Conform with the designated lab space and budget for your SpeedVac.

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  • Savant SpeedVac DNA 110 & DNA 120 Concentrator

    Thermo Savant DNA SpeedVac® Systems offer fast and efficient solutions in processing DN...
  • Savant SC250DDA Concentrator System

    The Savant SC250DDA Concentrator System is the equipment of choice for use in combinato...
  • Savant ISS110 DNA SpeedVac™ Concentrator

    The Savant ISS110 high capacity DNA SpeedVac™ concentrator is designed to efficiently p...
  • Thermo Scientific Savant SPD1010 and SPD2010 SpeedVac Concentrator system

    The Thermo Scientific Savant SPD1010 and SPD2010 SpeedVac Concentrators redefine genera...
  • Thermo Savant UVS 400A and UVS 800 DDA SpeedVac

    Thermo Savant universal vacuum sources are reliable single-integrated units. The Thermo...
  • Thermo Scientific Savant SC250EXP SpeedVac Concentrator

    Ideal for drug discovery applications, the Thermo Scientific Savant SC250EXP SpeedVac C...
  • Savant AES 1010 SpeedVac® Concentrator

    The Savant AES 1010 SpeedVac® concentrator is a high performing instrument that provide...
  • Thermo Scientific Savant SpeedVac SC210A Concentrator

    The Thermo Scientific Savant SC210A SpeedVac concentrator system is equipped with a lar...

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Know what specs and features you need, so you don't get the wrong SpeedVac by mistake. Grab this free speedvac guide and learn how you can: