Who We Are

GMI is a privately held, family and employee ran laboratory equipment company. Selling scientific equipment, parts and service is our business.


GMI strives to understand our customers’ needs, create high value solutions and deliver unrivaled service and support. GMI is an ISO 9001 and GSA Certified Company that encourages our employees to grow as individuals, develop long term relationships with our customers, and to be proud of our company and its commitment to excellence.

Richard Powell
 - Founder and CEO

GMI History


Richard Powell, the CEO started the company in 1996 in a small warehouse in Minneapolis. GMI quickly outgrows their space and moves into a larger office, shop, warehouse in 2002. GMI outgrows their space again and moved to the Ramsey, MN office warehouse location in 2006.


Between 2005 and 2013, adds key employees and GMI triples in size and becomes an industry leader for laboratory sales, service and parts. GMI quickly becomes the industry leader develops ISO9001 “GMI” quality service and repair processes.


GMI is located in a 25,000 sq ft engineering and warehouse facility. GMI quickly outgrew that space and added an additional 10,000 square foot warehouse in 2008. Our customers are always welcome to visit and shop on site in our 25,000 facility.

Mike & Vanessa Smith

Owners & Operators


Mike and Vanessa Smith, with their distribution, operations, and finance background, team up with GMI without changing the successful GMI customer centric business model or mission statement.


GMI has made many new improvements and invested in the future, including an upgrade to the NetSuite platform for our operating system, a new and improved website, a bin & bar-coding managed warehouse, and an expanded and broader level of inventory with over 12,000 instruments and parts! GMI has also gained exclusive distribution rights for major industry leaders like Hitachi, Winpact Major Science Instruments and Knauer's preferred distributor for FPLC and PREP in the USA!


Customers are always welcome to visit our facility and experience the GMI difference!